About us

The company was founded late fall 2006. At that time we were called GigaHost DA. We started with hosting of dedicated servers as our primary focus. Virtual servers, webhosting, VPN and other services came later.

We have since the beginning been focused on hosting and operating the services ourselves. Because of that we built a datacenter as early as 2006, which was later moved to our new datacenter in 2010.

TerraHost is a company based on a solid foundation where management and technical personnel has more than 10+ years of industry experience. As we are a relatively small company we can, as opposed to the "big" make quick decisions about our operations, and we can quickly adapt to our clients needs.

Our vision is to offer high quality solutions at attractive prices. Our services are provided from our own datacenter in Sandefjord, and we can because of that ensure high stability, quality and security.

We give it a 100% at all levels to give you the best price on the market! Please contact us to discuss solutions tailored to your needs.

You can read about our team here.

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  • Klinestadmoen 10
  • 3241 Sandefjord
  • NO 995 474 921 MVA

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Local presence

We built our datacenter in 2010 in Sandefjord, Vestfold. Here we have an enormous capacity on both power and bandwidth. We have multiple providers on bandwidth with diverse paths into the datacenter. The Datacenter have a capacity of thousands of servers.

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