Two own datacenters in Norway

Services are provided from our own datacenter. We do not rent capacity or premises from others. This enables us to guarantee a fast and trouble-free service.

Located in Sandefjord, Vestfold we are placed in the middle of one of Norways biggest hubs for IT, e-commerce and more. Our nearest neighbor is the largest online store in its genre, In Addition we have both E18 and Sandefjords Airport Torp in close vicinity.

Sandefjord is localized about 120 km south of Oslo.

Colocate your own server?

Contact us for colocation pricing. We can offer your single server colo or whole racks customized to your needs.

Network built on Cisco and Brocade

Our network exclusively uses equipment from the quality manufacturers Cisco and Brocade. In our core network we use Cisco equipment, and in distribution we use switches and routers from Brocade.

Cisco and Brocade is leading global companies within the networking segment. The companies products and services form the foundation for modern networks.

Meet Me Room Facilities

Our network uses BGP-based routing, and we have several providers on bandwidth. Currently Altibox, Telenor and Broadnet is available in our facilities, but we are always on the lookout for new transit providers to ensure better stability, redundancy and to add to our pool of bandwidth.

We can offer cross connect to available providers in the building and Meet Me Room on request. Would require colocation of own network equipment.

Available carriers

IP Transit

For customers with colocation in one of our datacenters we can offer IP transit with BGP. You will be connected to our core network with a mix of e.g. Altibox, Telenor and our connections to IXes such as NIX and FIXO. We can also deliver IP transit services from the HMG9 datacenter in Oslo. Contact us today for an offer!

Network information

BGP ASN AS203629
Announced prefixes
Test IPv4
Test IPv6 2a03:94e0:1098::1
Looking Glass

Datacenter: DC1

Our first data center built in 2010. DC1 has reduntant fiber pathways, redundant cooling systems and connected to our backup generators.

Backup generator

Our data centers are secured with backup generators ready to go. Should utility power fail the generators will automatically start up and transfer power within seconds.

Generators are tested weekly to ensure they are in proper working order when we need them.

Datacenter: DC2 - The Bunker

Our datacenter DC2 is built in an old air raid shelter/bunker. Thick concrete walls and doors give the DC a good physical security. Different pathways into the datacenter ensures good uptime and accesibility. DC2 is equipped with UPS, emergency generators and redundant systems in every step.

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