ENIGMA: Developed in-house

Kontrollpanelet er egenutviklet

We are proud to present our latest control panel. ENIGMA is developed in-house by our programmers and is our fastest and most functional control panel ever.

The control panel has a number of useful features that allow you to automate and manage your services entirely on your own without the help of us. You can also view our latest announcements and status messages.

Overview of your servers

God oversikt over dine tjenester

The control panel gathers all your servers in a separate list that quickly gives you a good overview. Everything from the servers IP address, operating system and the type of server you have. You can also see in which datacenter your server is located.

Status shows you the current status of the server. For example if it's undergoing reinstallation, is booting in rescue mode or if your server is set to be terminated at the end of it's billing cycle.

Full control


With the server management in the control panel you control all your server functions. You can:

Traffic graphs


The graphs gives you an overview of your servers bandwidth consumption, and when it was the most active. You can view daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly graphs.

Should a server consume more bandwidth than expected, you'll see it on these server graphs.

Rescue mode

Rescue modus hjelper deg

Well, what is the rescue mode? It is a mode you can start the server into, to correct any errors that prevent it from e.g. starting. If you have been unlucky and made incorrect change in your configuration, you can start the server in this mode to correct this.

Automated server installation

Automatisert installering av server

ENIGMA allows you to install a variety of different distributions and versions, completely automatically without help from us. Simply choose which operating system you want, and install it automatically. 5-15 minutes later, the server is reinstalled to your operating system.


Automatisert installering av server

Snapshots is a service for virtual servers where you can take a realtime image of your server at any given moment and later restore to this image. This is called a snapshot. This is useful if you for instance is installing new software and want to be able to roll back.

Custom ISO

Automatisert installering av server

We offer many operating systems in our control panel, but of course, we do not have them all. Too many make it difficult to maintain, and therefore we've introduced our Custom ISO feature. This feature allows you to upload your own ISO and install the server via our control panel.

IPMI Management

IPMI Management

Our dedicated servers with Intel Xeon supports a feature called IPMI. This is an out-of-band management that lets you log into the server, and control power, show the servers display and other useful features. You can e.g. mount your own ISO and install your favourite OS on the server, directly from the browser!

SSH Keys

Support for SSH Keys

ENIGMA supports SSH keys. Add your keys and our system will automatically inject your key when installing your OS. Log in directly with your SSH key after installation has completed.

Power Usage

Power Usage

With Colocation from Terrahost you have a complete overview of your power usage with historical graphs.

Colocation Management

Colocation Management

ENIGMA gives you a complete view of your rack mounted units with our layout designer. Add/remove units and give your employees a complete view of your rack.

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